Terms and Conditions

I, hereby, undertake that the particulars submitted to the KCEP Group of Institutions are true and correct. I agree that the admission is granted to me as per the terms, conditions and rules of the Institution, the University and the affiliated Government Body. I also understand that the admission will be cancelled and fee paid by me will be forfeited if any of the particulars given by me at the time of admission or later on are found to be incorrect or false. 

1.  I agree that The Director/ Management’s decision in all matters concerning admission, studies, discipline, training and conduct will be final and binding on me.

2. I understand that the students association, active or passive with any unlawful organization, unions etc is forbidden and I shall not have any objection if I am expelled/rusticated from the Institution due to my participation in any union/unlawful activity or any other activity which violates the code of conduct of the institute. 

3. I understand that the consumption of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicant and smoking within the Institutions premises is forbidden. 

4. I am aware that as per The Hon’ble Supreme Court orders’, ragging in any form is totally banned. This is a criminal act for which FIR will be lodged and if found involved suspension and rustication from the Institute is must and I will not be able to take admission in any institution anywhere in India. 

5. I hereby declare that I was never involved or punished in any case of indiscipline and unlawful activity during my school or college career. There is no enquiry pending against me with the school/college/police/ other authorities of the state to which I belong or resided in any other state at any time. 

6. I also know that in case of discontinuation of my studies or leaving the institute in between the duration of the course there is No Refund Policy. 

7. I understand that it is mandatory to undergo practical training for specific periods in accordance with the relevant academic curriculum. The Institution shall not be held responsible in any way for mishap that may occur to me during my tenure in the Institution or during the practical training outside the Institution. I also agree to follow terms and conditions of the Industry during practical training. 

8. I hereby agree to make all the necessary arrangements for my boarding and lodging, if hostel accommodation is not available or availed. 

9. I am aware that my name will be struck off from the rolls of the Institution if I fail to pay fee on time, remain absent continuously for a period of 10 days without any information or behave in a manner subversive to the Permanent Address: City: State: Pin Code: Mob: (R)Tel: Mob: Mob: discipline or commit grave misconduct such as ragging or indulge in any activity which may bring disrepute to the Institution. 

10. I understand that the student once admitted to the Institution is not eligible for transfer to any other college and there will be no refund of fee in such cases as mentioned.

11. I am aware that the use of mobile phones in the Institution premises is banned. In case I violate this, strict action will be taken against me as per the disciplinary rules of the Institution and University as mentioned in the college prospectus. 

12. I am aware that if I withdraw my admission from the Institution after the cut-off date for admissions, the fee paid is not refundable under any circumstances. 

13. I am aware that the University examination forms are filled in the beginning of each semester. I also understand that minimum 75% attendance in aggregate and 60% in individual subject is required for being eligible to appear in the university theory and practical exams as per University rules. I shall be filling the University examination form with a clear understanding that if at a later stage I am found to be having shortage of attendance, the Principal/Director is well within his rights to detain and debar me from appearing in the University theory and practical exams in accordance with the rules of the University. 

14. I will report for registration as per the schedule announced by the admitting authority failing which my admission will stand cancelled without any intimation from the Institution.

15. I understand that in event of breach of any of the above mentioned conditions of the undertaking, my admission will stand cancelled without any obligation on the part of the college/institute to issue show cause notice. The fee paid shall be forfeited. 

16. I will pay damage charges for furniture and equipment’s of the Institution in case I am found guilty during my stay in the College

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